February 21, 2010

http://capitalgeedesign.com/blog/We have moved. Please come visit us at our new location. Thank you.



February 20, 2010

My new blog layout is “complete”…when I say “complete” I mean: I finished the design and have posted it live: http://capitalgeedesign.com/blog/ …BUT I now need your feedback. Is it better? Worst? Should I stick with the old version? Switch¬† to the new? Keep both? Which do you like better? Why? Please comment and let me know.

-Garrett Gee

When beginning a design project, I use what I call an “Inspiration Board”. Each project has its own style…personality…flavor…purpose. The reason for putting this Inspiration Board together is to help set the tone as I begin and work through the project til completion. Inspiration Boards can include images, colors, words, phrases, objects, and even music. Often, when first discussing a project with a client, I will have them explain to me how they envision it. From their description, I will then put together an Inspiration Board. Also, I will ask them to add to the Inspiration Board themselves. This usually means searching the web or magazines for images, website, or colors that represent their goal/vision.

Yesterday, I began redesigning the layout and template for this blog. I like this layout, but it is not completely “my style”. First thing I did was put together a “Project Playlist” for me to listen to while I worked. Second, I put together a “Inspiration Board”. The results were…well…”my style”. I’ll switch my blog to the new template as soon as I’m finished. In the meantime, to give you a little taste, here are 3 songs off my “Project Playlist”: Pata Pata , Somebody to Love , You and I


I just updated my online portfolio with some new work. With it, I added a new feature to the Capital Gee Design website: A new button which allows visitors to view the full image of my work displayed in my online portfolio. I’ve only added this feature to a few images to begin. Depending on the feedback I receive from you all, I will either add the feature to all other images, or remove it all together. Please check it out and let me know what you think: <new button>

Happy Valentines Day

February 14, 2010

This is my beautiful wife Jessica. She’s everything wonderful about life. For Valentines Day I’d like to give her this love song > Pretty Flowers

My favorite part about this is that all the pieces are parts from the car. Enjoy.

100 Free Business Cards!

February 12, 2010

Capital Gee Design Business Card Front

Custom Business Cards are some of my favorite things to design. It’s a special challenge to fit someone’s personality, message, and first impression all onto one memorable card. The image above was my first personal business card. To be honest, I was more than surprised how much success stemmed from this simple card. After all, it’s just a card.

The truth is, you never know when you are going to meet that certain special contact (clients, employers, partners, etc.). But when you do, it is important to be ready.

While attending conventions, conferences, and other events I have noticed somewhat of an unspoken process/test:

Person1 asks for a business card (this is where the test begins).

At that moment, person2 has two options: 1) give their custom designed business card and make the right impression from the beginning. 2) reply “I’m sorry I don’t have a card”…test failed.

What would your perfect business card look like? What would make it special and specific to you? What would it tell about you?..that you are organized?…a model?…eco friendly?

It was under 1 month ago when I launched the Capital Gee Design Facebook Fanpage.¬† Already we are about the reach over 500 fans! To express my gratitude for such great support, I am giving away 100 Free Business Cards. If you are the lucky winner, I will work together with you to discuss your perfect custom business cards. I will then design, print, and ship them to your doorstep…FREE!. Simply follow these 3 easy steps to win: (click on image to enlarge)