When beginning a design project, I use what I call an “Inspiration Board”. Each project has its own style…personality…flavor…purpose. The reason for putting this Inspiration Board together is to help set the tone as I begin and work through the project til completion. Inspiration Boards can include images, colors, words, phrases, objects, and even music. Often, when first discussing a project with a client, I will have them explain to me how they envision it. From their description, I will then put together an Inspiration Board. Also, I will ask them to add to the Inspiration Board themselves. This usually means searching the web or magazines for images, website, or colors that represent their goal/vision.

Yesterday, I began redesigning the layout and template for this blog. I like this layout, but it is not completely “my style”. First thing I did was put together a “Project Playlist” for me to listen to while I worked. Second, I put together a “Inspiration Board”. The results were…well…”my style”. I’ll switch my blog to the new template as soon as I’m finished. In the meantime, to give you a little taste, here are 3 songs off my “Project Playlist”: Pata Pata , Somebody to Love , You and I